Sunday, 6 January 2013

Songs of Work at the Log Drive Café

The Log Drive Café is an exciting new program at Abbotsford House featuring local folk musicians in a coffee house setting.

Celebrate an evening of folk songs covering a variety of topics all about work and making a living. Some songs were made to sing while working, others for the picket line. Some are celebratory, many are complaining, and a few were made to help mourn lives lost.

The Performers:

Maura Volante is a local singer of traditional folk songs, specializing in Canadian songs as well as those of the British Isles and U.S.A. Recent shows include Ballads & Sea Songs (November 2012), Colonel By Day (August 2012), and Canadian Songs at the Log Drive Café (June, 2012). Maura has been performing folk songs and teaching singing since the 1970s. Visit her blog Singing for Ourselves.

Ranald Thurgood is a singer, storyteller and folklorist, who specializes in Canadian material, but also sings songs of other countries. Recently featured with Maura in Ballads & Sea Songs and the Colonel By Day celebration, Ranald has performed and conducted workshops for many years.

Bob Hatfield, originally from Yorkshire, England sings not only songs of the “north country” but other places as well. He is active in the creation of the Workers’ History Museum in Ottawa.

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